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Hair transplantion is a technique of transplanting patients hair in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 known as the follicular units. Follicular units contain oil glands, nerves, small muscle and occasional fine hair. The smaller unit in follicular unit transplant allows the surgeons to transplant thousands of grafts within a single sitting that maximize the effect of grafting procedure.

The follicular unit transplantation is an advancement of the older hair transplantation procedure that used larger grafts giving a plugged and unnatural look. In properly performed follicular unit transplantation the result will mimic the way hair grows in real and undetectable as hair transplantation.

Points to note in hair transplantation process

  • It will your natural hair back.
  • Mainly it is a surgical process.
  • Your hair will grow normally.
  • It costs very high.
  • Pain will be there for few months.
  • Only experts will do hair transplantation.
  • No maintanence is needed.
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