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For most cancer patients, hair loss is the most disturbing and traumatic aspect of chemotherapy and radiation remedy. This impact n their look can be a further set back to sufferers. The sufferers loose their identification lack self esteem and have decreased morale.

The artificial wig created for the people under special medical conditions are known as hair prosthesis. The wigs are designed for patients who have lost their hair due to some medical conditions or treatments such as chemotherapy, trichotillomania and other clinical diseases. The wigs are made in order to cover their heads and are made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fiber. There are four types of wigs human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, Rummy hair wigs, multi person hair wigs.

Advantages of chemotherapy wigs

  • Wigs are cap type. Easy to remove and fix.
  • No sweat and no itching while wearing.
  • Easy to wash and use.
  • These wigs will give natural look.
  • Easy to comb and you can try different hair styles.
  • No service is needed.
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