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The appearance and look of a woman depend largely on her hair. Women’s hair wigs are the latest trend that is taking the industry by storm. One of the best way to get a new look without damaging your existing hair is by opting for hair wigs. Women’s hair wigs can be considered as the best feasible alternative. You can choose variety of women hair wigs as follows:

Front lace wigs:

This wig is a special type of hair piece or wig in which the human hair or the synthetic hair is tied by hands to a lace base which can go over the scalp. The front lace wigs are very commonly used and the end portion of the wig is made of less fragile material which is less  susceptible to ripping or tearing apart when compared to the lace. The lace is only on the front half of the wig giving the wearer an option to part the hair anyway.

Full lace wigs:

The full lace wigs have their base completely made out of the lace. The full lace wigs can be pulled and tied into a ponytail. The full lace wig is usually attached with the help of hair glue and tapes which are applied to the front hair line area. This creates a tight bond between the lace wig and the front side of the hair. The full lace wig gives a great volume to the hair.

Mono filament wigs:

The mono filament wigs are not made of cloth instead made of polyester or nylon material. The mono filament wigs are mostly used by women with sensitive scalp as they don't irritate the scalp like normal wigs with a cloth cap. The hair on the mono filament wig is knotted by hand on to the nylon or polyester material, piece by piece. The wig also has a fitting on the back that allows the wearer to adjust to the head. Mono filament wigs look more natural when compared to other wigs. Allowing the scalp to breathe by giving it space. This wig will totally change your look.

Advantages of ladies hair wigs

  • Wigs are cap type. Easy to remove and fix.
  • No sweat and no itching while wearing.
  • Easy to wash and use.
  • These wigs will give natural look.
  • Easy to comb and you can try different hair styles.
  • No service is needed. 

Things to keep in mind for ladies hair wigs

  • Choose a good wig comb, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Keep your wig in a proper way.
  • Avoid exposing the wig to a high temperature.
  • Avoid wearing a wig in water .
  • Don’t use any spray.
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