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Perfect Cut Tape hair extensions

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Ideal solution to give your hair a luxurious look. If you want permanent hair extensions that last more than three months then you can opt for tape hair extensions. It can be considered as the semi- permanent hair solution that will hardly take one hour to attach and will last for 6 to 8 weeks. These hair extensions come with a strip of medical adhesive tape which you can stick to your hair. It can also be removed by using any hair glue remover with acetone base.

Advantages of Tape hair extensions

  • The re usable method in which hair can be worm 6 to 8 weeks.
  • One of the most natural looking hair extension.
  • The safest method for the hair extension.
  • The fastest method of application that takes 30 minutes for volume application and 40 to 60 minutes for full length application.
  • No specific tools required for application 

Things to keep in mind for Tape hair extensions

  •  Keep your hair away from dust and sweat.
  • Be care full with your hair oils. Always use good hair oils
  • Tape hair extension can easily dissolve under intense heat that can risk and damage to the natural locks. Hence be cautious with the heat.
  • Brush properly. Always use wide tooth comb to remove the tangles.
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