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Perfect Cut Clip in and Clip on hair extensions

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Clip in extension is also called clip system or the clip in wefts. It is very fast and easy to use it and do it on yourself approach, at the comfort of your home. Easy rubber gripped toupee clips hold the hair extension firmly in place and can be taken in minutes.

User can also add highlights or color and create a whole new look. It covers baldness and gives natural looking hair. They are affordable and light weight. You can have a long as well as luxurious long hair.  

It is completely users choice whether put the clip in extension in the morning and remove at night, shower or swim with them. It can be straighten or curl before attaching.

Advantages of Clip in/on hair extensions

  • Do not cause hair damage or hair thinning.
  • It is versatile method that gives the option to remove and apply the hair on a daily basis.
  • This method gives you the ability to change color very often.
  • No tools or tapes would be used in this method.
  • As they can be managed personally, it doesn’t require regular maintenance. 

Things to keep in mind for clip in/on hair extensions

  •  Go for a little trimming.
  • Use air dry.
  • Wash the extension periodically.
  • Brush the extension before washing or when they are completely dry.
  • Apply good quality conditioners to nourish hair.
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