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Best Hair Weaving Procedure Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag

Hair weaving is a one of the oldest and effective methods for the problems related to hair balding. In this procedure a support system would be created around the bald area and a patch would be fastened to the support system by using a yarn thread from inside where stitching is going to happen with the support system and not with the skin.

It is very safe procedure in which we make your hair style as it is your natural hair. After this procedure is completed you can go biking, swimming, shower without any problem to your hair.

Advantages of hair weaving treatment

  • Hair weaving procedure looks very natural.
  • A painless procedure that can be done within few hours.
  • A large area of baldness can be covered easily.
  • It is very safe procedure.
  • Comparatively less cost.
  • Guaranteed results. 

Things to keep in mind for hair weaving treatment 

  • Take care about your natural hair.
  • Apt for good quality hair.
  • Take care of your scalp.
  • Regular maintenance is required. 

Treatment duration: Around two hours.

Price range: Depends on the natural or synthetic hair system user selects and also the length of it. Usually it starts around @10K

Maintenance: Once in two months.

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