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Perfect Cut Hair Clip System

Best Hair Clip System / Procedure  Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag

Clip in hair procedure can be considered as a fantastic way to add volume and length to your natural hair.In this procedure the system is locked using a clip over the bald area. User can easily manage to remove or replace it whenever requires.

Maintenance of the system is almost zero and it can be self managed for a long period unless the system brakes. It does not require any technical knowledge to manage. This system does not require any glue or adhesive to fix it

At Perfect cut hair studio we have Hair clips for men and Hair clip extensions for women

Advantages of hair clip system

  • simple and easy procedure when compared to other systems
  • Non surgical
  • No need to visit hair studio time and again
  • Save time.
  • Price is much lower than other systems
  • Good life span as it is not worn continuously 
  • No damage to natural hair
  • No pain while applying

Things to keep in mind for hair clip system

  • Take special care during washing
  • Use perfect comb
  • Say no to hair dryers
  • Be gentle while brushing hair extensions
  • It is advised to trim the end of hair extensions for every 6 to 10 weeks. But don’t trim it too much.

Treatment duration : Around one hour

Price range : Depends on the natural or synthetic hair system user selects and also the length of it. Usually it starts around @10K

Maintenance : No periodical maintenance required

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